Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nanook of the North

Yes, that's right. I also do this for movies I see in class. It's harder for me, here, though - feels more like an assignment, which drains my willpower. Nonetheless, a commitment is a commitment, and I am committed to finding things I learned about every movie I watch.


Nanook of the North taught me that a little bit of sudden, unexpected cuteness can go a long way toward sustaining interest. As YouTube so eloquently shows, people will watch anything, no matter how asinine, as long as it has that cuteness factor.

It also taught me not to overdo it. Sure, the baby trying to pet the fox, and it almost biting her, is cute and funny once, as is the makeshift human sled. But repeated over and over again, it starts to lose its charm. Understatement is the key - Save the best instant moments to show nonchalantly, as though it happens all the time and is hardly worth noting.

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